The Erasmus Governance Design Studio is initiated in 2017 by the Department of Public Administration & Sociology of the Erasmus University Rotterdam. It brings together analytical power and creativity in solution-focused research approaches, and forms a powerful interface between science and practice in the fields of public policy, governance and management.


Our mission is to create, test and refine real solutions to real problems and use them as a basis for scientific inquiry. These solutions are created together with partners from the public, civic and private domain. We develop, apply and refine strategies and methods for different types of intervention-oriented research, like experimental research, action research and design-based research.


  • Arwin van Buuren
    Arwin van Buuren Academic Director
  • William Voorberg
    William Voorberg Coordinator
  • Wiesje Korf
    Wiesje Korf Design Researcher
  • Geert Brinkman
    Geert Brinkman Designer/Researcher