BEGIN Project


The Netherlands: City of Dordrecht, IHE Delft

Belgium: City of Antwerp, City of Ghent

Germany: Agency for Roads Bridges and Waters, Hamburg University of Technology

United Kingdom: Construction Industry Research Information Association, City of Bradford Metropolitan District Council, Kent County Council, Aberdeen City Council, Enfield, Royal College of Arts, University of Sheffield

Sweden: City of Gothenburg

Norway: City of Bergen


Sep 2017 – Present

The Project

Frequent and intense rainfall, floods and drought are intensifying due to climate change. To cope with such extreme weather and climate conditions within urban areas, cities are developing Blue-Green Infrastructures (BGIs) such as green corridors or rainwater reservoirs. In the BEGIN project 10 cities and 6 research institutes have joined forces in a city learning network aimed to design and implement BGI solutions as well as share learnings and best practices.

EGDS activities

The Erasmus Governance Design Studio supports the cities by identifying, designing and advising on tools and practices that stimulate social innovation processes amongst the variety of stakeholders involved in the BGI initiatives.