Circular Transitions in Het Groene Hart


Province of South Holland


Leiden University




Feb 2019 – Present

The Project

Entrepreneurs in Het Groene Hart are confronted with all kinds of challenges in realizing their sustainability ambitions. They have to reorganize their business, collaborate with different parties, work with different materials, and find ways to deal with regulative constraints. In order to support the realization of these ambitions, the ACCEZ (Accelerating Circular Economy Zuid-Holland) set up a three-way project around the enhancement of natural capital, sustainable business models and circular transitions in waste streams. The Erasmus Governance Design Studio focuses on the latter.

EGDS activities

The Erasmus Governance Design Studio has conducted a literature study, interviews with involved actors and site visits in order to gain a better understanding of the governance of waste streams. The findings of this research are summarized in the animation below (the video is in Dutch). It shows how the circular transition is predominantly an issue of collaboration between governments, enforcement and businesses. As of yet, the Erasmus Governance Design Studio has partnered with Ideate to design solutions to smoothen the collaboration between these actors.