Circular Transitions in the Dutch Bulb Region



Naturalis Biodiversity Center

Institute of Environmental Sciences

Wageningen University and Research


January 2021 – June 2023

The Project

The project Samen naar een Circulaire Bollenstreek (Joining forces for a Circular Bulb Region) was set up and financed by ACCEZ to work with a wide range of stakeholders on a future-proof, sustainable Bulb Region and cultivation. This includes entrepreneurs, sector organizations, networking organizations, governments, civil society organizations and research institutions. Within the project, involved parties work collaboratively on knowledge questions posed by the sector and research is done on biodiversity monitoring, improving natural capital in the context of broader challenges in the area and knowledge networks for sustainability. Finally, stakeholders engage in discussions about sustainability by exploring different futures and interventions in the form of a serious game.

EGDS activities

As part of this project, the Erasmus Governance Design Studio (EGDS) conducted interviews with various stakeholders and site visits in the Bulb Region to gain a better understanding of the governance of sustainability in the region. This exploration led to further research into knowledge flows and networks around sustainability. We designed a visualisation of these knowledge flows and use this as a conversation piece to engage with stakeholders in identifying opportunities for improvement. In collaboration with the Institute of Environmental Sciences (CML), the EGDS designed a serious game to tackle one of the issues formulated by the sector: uncertainties and risks associated with sustainability efforts. The game engages stakeholders in collectively addressing sustainability challenges and enables participants to explore different perspectives, gain insight into complexity and engage in a constructive dialogue by collectively testing different futures and interventions.