The Collective Challenge Towards Sustainability


Municipality of Barendrecht, Albrandswaard, and Ridderkerk


March 2021 – March 2026

The Project

This research aims to co-create interventions targeting one or more interlinking social practices in households relating to (1) energy-use and (2) consumption. Through designing and testing practice-based interventions in the municipalities of Barendrecht, Albrandswaard, and Ridderkerk, we work towards a more sustainable society. In this research we look beyond individual behaviour. A social practice consists of routine actions, which are part and result of larger systems. We work in collaboration with local citizens, relevant organizations, and policymakers. The interventions are designed to bring about a natural shift in social practices.

EGDS activities

With this project, the EGDS explores together with various stakeholders how municipal sustainability policies can be shaped. The project consists of several phases: (1) exploratory co-creative fieldwork and literature review to determine the research focus, (2) a mix of qualitative and quantitative methods to understand social practices in their context, (3) co-creation sessions and additional research to identify possible tools and interventions, (4) development of a policy design.