Value of Water


Province of South Holland

Centre for Environmental Sciences Leiden

Wageningen University and Research

Greenport West-Holland


October 2020 – April 2023

The Project

The water needs around the greenhouse horticulture area of Pijnacker-West are complex, networked and dynamic. Shortages and surpluses in the form of dry periods and downpours are expected to increase. In addition, the task of (restoring) biodiversity, the stricter requirements for water quality and the increase in population density are also making the water issue more complex. In this relatively short project, we bring together very different stakeholders with different interests and have them use a serious game to investigate whether further cooperation is possible and fruitful.

EGDS activities

A complex, networked and dynamic problem that requires a design approach. The Governance Design Studio maps out part of the interests, requirements, wishes and values of various stakeholders, including in individual interviews. This forms input for the serious game, which is designed by the EGDS and is used to go through a fictional scenario, developed by the stakeholders during the sessions, together with all stakeholders. Existing examples elsewhere in the Netherlands are presented as part of the input, in addition to the individual input of all stakeholders. This project is an exploration. Interested parties participate without obligation.